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There are a lot of Teeline users and learners out there; some are blogging, some are tweeting or hanging out at Google Plus and Reddit. In order to revive the late 90s genre of the “link list”, I’d like to show you what I have found so far.

Teeline resources on the Net – manuals, blogs and social media to help learning shorthand
Teeline resources on the Net – manuals, blogs and social media to help learning shorthand

While writing this post, I found a extensive link list by Shorthand Tutor and Alfabetter’s link list which contains some stuff that’s not included here.

Manuals, courses, dictation

On The Kantaloupe blog, you can find a PDF manual. I don’t know who wrote it, if it is really free and what title it is.  I have started learning Teeline with it before I switched to the Teeline Gold course book. It is sometimes a bit too brief, but still works rather well as a course for learning Teeline. At the end, there’s a section specifically about medical terms.

On YouTube, “Shorthand Sue” teaches the basics in six videos.

Teeline Online offers online courses with various levels of tutoring for different prices. They have some sample lesson which look quite good, but I don’t have further experiences. They have some dictations as MP3 for free use.

Teeline Resources has diction audio files (MP3) at speeds from 30 to 110wpm.

Goldsmiths MA Radio has some drills for the basics as Real Audio files, with transcription.


These authors are journalists in Britain, so you can read about more than just shorthand. However, they usually have a category/tag about Teeline in particular.

There also some shorthand blogs without the journalism focus:

  • Alfabetter; here you’ll find some historical and technical background, and thoughts about shorthand in general
  • In Short(hand) – a blog about learning shorthand, but seems inactive now
  • Learn Shorthand Online has some introductory posts, but is inactive since May 2013
  • Musical Teeline uses song lyrics instead of spoken dictation for training. A lot of songs are listed, with a difficulty rating, special outlines and sample transcriptions.

[Update 2015-03-08] Additionally, two blogs about learning Gregg shorthand. Although that’s a quite different system, you can get some general insights into learning shorthand and the problems along the way.

Social networks

I’m rather active in two Google Plus Communities:

  • Shorthand”, about various systems, but Teeline (and Gregg) features prominently
  • “Teeline”, focused on just this systems; it has fewer members, but they are very helpful with beginners’ questions

A search on Facebook didn’t show any Teeline Groups. Teeline Online, which I’ve mentioned above, has a Facebook page. You can find a lot of shorthand groups in general, but I have no experience with them.

On Twitter, besides the #Teeline hashtag, there are a few dedicated Teeline accounts:

  • Teeline Online also has a Twitter account: @TeelineOnline
  • Teeline Tweets (@teelinetweets) has short texts in Teeline, but the last tweet was almost a year ago
  • @MusicalTeeline is the account for the Musical Teeline blog (see above)

There is a Shorthand Reddit, with much Gregg, but also Teeline and some obscure systems. You’ll find some quite interesting stuff and discussions there. In the Wiki, there are links to resources about various systems.

Finally, have a look at my Pinboard for tag “Teeline”.  Everything I find that I want to remember will show up there.

If you’d like to suggest additional links, feel free to post a comment. Thanks!

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