Joining R and G

In all Teeline texts I’ve seen so far, the letter G is joined to R with a sharp bend backwards to form the head of the G. Have a look at the word “garage” (the Teeline Gold Course Book authors seem very fond of that one…) below, number 1.

Joining R and G: 1) standard way, 2) my smooth version
Joining R and G: 1) standard way, 2) my smooth version

It would be much nicer to write a smooth connection, as in number 2.  This happens quite often to me, as the Teeline G is similar to the German Stiefo M, which is joined smoothly to previous letters.

Am I missing a problem here, some conflict or potential for confusion? One thing I’m thinking about: if the R is not completely straight but gently curves into the G, it looks like an upwards-L.

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  1. I can’t see any major problems myself. It’ could be mistaken for RMHI or RMJ, but the only word I can think of spelt RMJ is ‘reimage’.

    Another option is to write a J instead. This is permitted under NTCJ Teeline where the G sounds like the J.

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